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A Beginner’s Guide to RISC and CISC Architectures

Electrical Engineering is all about abstraction. We hide complex details and features and work on high-level objects to make our work easier. However, this also means that most often, we do not know how something works internally, even though we might know how to use it, like op-amps. And one place, where we probably see… Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to RISC and CISC Architectures

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c2000 Piccolo Launchpad – Tutorial 0

Hey everyone! In this series of tutorials, I will be explaining to you about Texas Instrument’s c2000 Piccolo line of microcontrollers. The first tutorial is an introduction to the board itself, the pins, power supply and a bit about the architecture of the c2000 chip. Texas Instrument’s markets the c2000 Piccolo Launchpad, as a DSP,… Continue reading c2000 Piccolo Launchpad – Tutorial 0