My name is Soham Chatterjee.

I am a course instructor for Udacity’s Intel AI for Edge IoT Nanodegree.

I am currently a Master of Research student at NTU Singapore where I research on Edge Computing and Neuromorphic Hardware. In particular, I am working on building chips that can run deep learning models while using less than 1 mW of power. I am also working on protecting deep learning hardwares from side channel attacks.

Previously, I worked at a Pharma IT company called Saama Technologies as a Deep Learning Research Engineer. As a part of my job there, I was working on building chatbots, edge computing and researching Quantum Computing to see if we could adapt neural networks to be trained on QCs.

I blog about Deep Learning, Edge Computing, Quantum Computing and IoT.

Project: Go Switch

Conventional smart switches and smart home solutions use relays to connect or remove a load from the supply. However, relays have many disadvantages like high resistance, switching loss (Loss caused by the moving of the contactor), heat and other losses. This is why power electronic switches were developed. Since transistors have low switching speeds and… Continue reading Project: Go Switch

Intern: Indian Statistical Institute

Swarm Intelligence in robotics is a very important emerging field of research. The applications of swarm robotics are huge from things like search and rescue to mine detection. I was a Swarm Intelligence Algorithms Researcher at the Advanced Computing and Micro Electronics Unit at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata from November 2016 to January 2017.… Continue reading Intern: Indian Statistical Institute

Intern: CESC LTD.

In June of 2016, I had the opportunity to intern at the Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation which is one of India’s largest and oldest power utility. While interning at the Southern Thermal Power Station in Kolkata, I learnt about the workings of a thermal power plant. One of the reasons for me to intern here… Continue reading Intern: CESC LTD.

Experience: Next Tech Lab

Next Tech Lab is a cross-disciplinary completely student run lab at SRM University. The lab has advisers from Universities like MIT and Cambridge and from Startups like Simpl and Datalog.ai. The lab is sub-divided into different labs where students research on topics like Machine Learning, IoT, Electrical Systems, HCI, Computational Biology and crypto-currency. At Next… Continue reading Experience: Next Tech Lab

Intern: Texas Instruments Lab

Texas Instruments is one of the world’s largest silicon semiconductor manufacturers, who develop analog chips, embedded processors, DSP’s, micro-controllers, calculators and other products. While studying in SRM University, I had the opportunity to intern at a lab there where I worked on making efficient wireless power transfer technologies to power electric vehicles. I also had… Continue reading Intern: Texas Instruments Lab

NGO: Teacher at U&I

From September 2015 to April 2016, I was a volunteer teacher at the U&I NGO. U&I has volunteers all over India who teach underprivileged children English and various other subjects for a few hours every week. While volunteering at the Children’s Home of Hope Orphanage in Chennai, I taught student English and a few other… Continue reading NGO: Teacher at U&I