Experience: Next Tech Lab

Next Tech Lab is a cross-disciplinary completely student run lab at SRM University. The lab has advisers from Universities like MIT and Cambridge and from Startups like Simpl and Datalog.ai. The lab is sub-divided into different labs where students research on topics like Machine Learning, IoT, Electrical Systems, HCI, Computational Biology and crypto-currency.

At Next Tech Lab, I have been leading Tesla Lab for the last year, where students research on smart grids and load forecasting to improve our transmission system and decrease power losses. We also research about smart meters and renewable energy grid integration to make our distribution system more efficient. Some of our other interests are swarm robotics, power electronics and GaN devices. The lab is advised by Mrs. Nikita Hari from Cambridge.

Most of the projects that I do are done using the resources available at Next Tech Lab.

– Made an IGBT Smart Switch for smart homes that can be controlled with a smart phone and protect devices from surges.
– Developed a model of smart highway that will increase safety, reduce traffic congestion convert road heat into electricity and wirelessly charge Electric Vehicles while they are moving.
– Made a system for metered wireless charging of low voltage devices like laptops and smartphones.
– Currently working on improving electrical system of a university building using SCADA.
– Managing team to work on developing new technologies, researching and building new projects.

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