Hey There!

My name is Soham Chatterjee.

I am an Electrical Engineer developing open source hacks, building cool projects and doing research to develop a smarter and more sustainable world.

I blog about Micro-Controllers, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Swarm Robotics and Power Systems.

I believe in spreading knowledge and open-sourcing information, so I also write about the projects I do and any boards, sensors and ICs I have used.

Soham is one of the few people that i have ever looked up to. He is the most dedicated and self driven person i have ever known. The amount of knowledge he possesses is just amazing . He has an amazing ability to set goals and never deter from them. He always used to be first one to enter and the last one to leave the lab.
While working along with him at Next Tech Lab he would always lend his advise to me and everyone else in the lab. I am sure that he will be one of the greatest asset that any company can have in a team. I wish him my very best for his future.


There is no specific paraphrase to describe Soham. He is one of the people who is extremely determined no matter what and is always Motivating his peers. I have worked with him for a Long time now at Next Tech Lab. Working with him was an amazing Experience. It can also be rephrased as working with Soham was an Opportunity very few people get!
He motivated me into being one of the best among my classmates and wide range of experiences. His Intelligence level is also very high and immense amount of Dedication to anything that he likes to do. In all it can be agreed that he will be a very valuable asset to any company he would be employed in.